KL Code Club
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The first rule of Code Club is: You must commit code.
The second rule of Code Club is: YOU MUST COMMIT CODE!

KL Code Club (https://klcodeclub.github.io/) is for developers, programmers, software engineers, CS students, hackers, data scientists... anyone who writes code and wants to sharpen their skills.


Tech moves quickly. New libraries, new languages, new problems to solve. The only way to keep up is to roll up your sleeves and experiment. Thus KL Code Club is an informal gathering for:

- Testing out the latest tools
- Hustling on your side project
- Sharing intel on what works / what doesn't
- Contributing to open source
- Helping newbies get started

Whether you've been hacking LISP since age 13 or whether you're setting up your dev laptop for the first time — KL Code Club welcomes you.